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Tony Afram
Chief IP Counsel
Leica Microsystems
Wetzlar, Germany

While I am really impressed with the IPfolio product and the amazing flexibility it provides in customization, I really want to emphasize the amazing support we obtain from the IPfolio team. Sebastian Lechner at IPfolio feels more like an extended team member of our department, rather than an “external service provider.”


Cyndi Losurdo
Senior Paralegal Specialist
PPC Broadband
East Syracuse, NY

IPfolio provides superior IP portfolio management at a reasonable cost with more flexibility and functionality than the competition. Their support team (Kevin) is the best I have ever worked with in my 16 years of IP experience. I would recommend this company and product to anyone without hesitation.

I was impressed from the start and continue to be surprised by their “can-do” attitude, the functionality of the system and continuous improvements.

Pearl Dorga
IP Legal Administrative Assistant
J.M. Huber Corporation
Atlanta, GA

In the past we used traditional docketing programs that are not only very expensive but are created with law firms in mind. They are not geared for companies who use outside counsel to prosecute their IP but who still wishes to keep up with their portfolio from a business /in-house counsel perspective.

When we learned about IPFolio, we were excited to finally be able to increase our functionality and decrease our cost by switching. We still had our reservations about migrating from one system to another. Anyone who has gone through this knows what a nightmare it can be but surprisingly even the data transfer was painless and the transition smooth.

With IPfolio we are able to run sophisticated reports with a simple click and drag. We use it to help us conduct portfolio meetings, follow product development, keep sight of our domestic and foreign filings, track our IP expenses and manage IP contracts. The system is very flexible and can be modified to suit your specific needs without requiring you to pay extra for each and every change. This was a frustrating reality we had to deal with when using a docketing program.

We have had the pleasure of working with Kevin Nugent throughout this whole process. He has truly made a all the difference and has exceeded our expectations. He is remarkably prompt when responding to our inquires, he is intuitive and is able to quickly come up with solutions to most of our queries. Kevin has a can do attitude and is always very pleasant. He has made us realize that IPFolio can do a lot of the same things our old system did but much much more. We do not know where he finds the time to do it all but he does his job at an extremely high level. We cannot tell you enough how thrilled we are to have such exceptional support team member.

I know it may be scary but take the plunge!

Jodi Rappe
Intellectual Property Specialist
NuScale Power
Tigard, OR

IPfolio is a fabulous tool. It is customizable, user friendly, and the reporting capabilities are great. It meets all our IT security guidelines, it is modern and the customer service is always very friendly and helpful, especially Kevin. He is highly knowledgeable and always friendly and happy to help in any way.

The price is reasonable and the look is attractive. It has greatly enhanced our productivity and organization. I love learning new features that I didn’t know were there before, and using it’s capabilities as much as possible.

Michael Moriarty
Vice President - Patent Technology
Albany International Corp.
Rochester, NH

We have used IPfolio for over a year now managing our own IP and to track our competitor’s IP as well. The system has been very flexible to meet our needs while it remains relatively simple to use. It has automated many of our manual, repetitive, legacy tasks. The modern interface and being cloud based has minimized our administrative costs / training requirements.

Other systems that we explored did not have the report / export capabilities found in IPfolio – a strong requirement that fits our needs well.

The IPfolio team has been extremely responsive in addressing any issues as well as being open to suggestions for improvements / new features etc.

Amanda Nguyen
IP Operations
Mountain View, California

Our team went from having Excel spreadsheets to using IPfolio and we couldn’t be happier. It was very easy to customize IPfolio to fit our needs and the system continues to amaze us with their features. Now all our records are easily searchable within IP Folio. Their technical and customer support is quick to respond and very helpful.

Bas Nagelkerken
Technology Transfer Officer
Utrecht Holdings
The Netherlands

As a Technology Transfer Office for two major knowledge institutes in the public arena (University and Medical Center) we required an affordable, flexible and easy to use IP management system to administer our patent portfolios.

With IPfolio we found just that and even more. In fact we now have a tool that allows us to manage the full range from invention disclosures, patents to licenses, contracts and post-deal management. Everything from an intuitive web-based environment, meaning we can access IP details from any site, being very convenient when serving and operating on an large University campus.

Furthermore, the IPfolio team gives great support with flexibility and custom solutions for any issues that might arise. Until now there is nothing that could not be solved or customized with a blink of the eye. Highly recommended.

Rüdiger Schmidt
Director of Business Development
IK4 Tekniker

We have been using IPfolio since late 2012 and there clearly has been a before and after in the way we handle IP within our organization. IPfolio enabled us to centralize the entire IP Management Process in one place, having all the information available whenever and wherever needed.

The support we received from Rupert and his team during implementation was second to none. Absolutely recommendable!

Lauri Avila
Corporate Paralegal
Barracuda Networks
Campbell, CA

I have been using IPfolio for several years now. This tool is great for organizing a company’s patent portfolio. I have highly recommended this tool to many companies and engineers. Employees come and go and this tool is a way to keep historical files organized and in one place and it is very user friendly. The staff at IPfolio are hands on and are extremely helpful throughout the whole process of setup to follow-up calls and questions.The graphs and charts are also very helpful in order to see the big picture of the company’s portfolio.

Extremely happy and confident now that we have this tool in place. Thank you!!!

Inghild Ross-Molnes
IP Services Manager
Subsea 7

A year and a half ago the excel spreadsheet I used to manage our company’s patent portfolio was about to collaps. 400 pages with many, many tabs. It was no longer an option. Together with our external patent attorney I started looking for an external online tool which could make my work easier and the day to day management and administration of the portfolio so that it was easily available to the IP team but also where our external patent attorneys could also work on the same tool.

As my team is spread between three different locations in the world, it was important to find something that was immediately updated, easy to use and which provided us with the “assistance” we needed. We reviewed several different available online IP tools, but after the presentation of IPfolio we knew what we wanted. It took a while to get everything set up exactly the way we wanted it, but IPfolio helped us the whole way and even programmed some extra tools just for us. I can highly recommend IPfolio both for small and large companies.

If you want an IP management tool that is meant to help you and make your life “easier” – then IPfolio is definitely the tool to choose.

Daniel Leblanc
General Counsel
Longueuil, QC, Canada

We wanted to have a tool that made it easy for the in-house counsel to keep track of our IP portfolio by focusing on the evolution of an IP right from the invention stage all the way to the registered IP right/commercial product. We have an external patent agent who focuses on the prosecution of the IP right.

IPfolio does that and much more. We have been using it for about a year and we keep discovering new useful functionalities that turn into money and time savers for us. Whenever we have suggestions to make, we contact the IPfolio team who quickly follows up with ideas and/or updates. Highly recommended.

Wayne Jaggernauth
Intellectual Property Officer
Nikon Metrology
Leuven, Belgium

We needed a tool for managing our IP from conception to commercialisation; a tool that would allow us to collaborate between IP teams, to record emails, documents and conversations as we went along, to produce reports we wanted, and to adapt as our IP workflow changes. We got exactly that and more with IPfolio. It is an intuitive tool to use, with excellent technical and customer support.

IPfolio has helped to cut the number of adminstrative tasks one has to perform, and simplifies management of a large complicated portfolio.

Charlie Zinsmeyer
Director of Intellectual Property
Conway, AR

“IPfolio was purchased to replace a very effective but aging system of home-grown spreadsheets that we had been using for nearly four years to manage our IP portfolio.

The second-biggest challenge has been adaptation of the base IPfolio product to incorporate the desired operational and reporting functionality that we had spent years building in our prior system. Here, genius-at-large Kevin Nugent has done an extraordinary job of both establishing that base-level functionality as well as being available often on very short notice to assist in on-the-job training for me.

The number one biggest challenge, however, has been the integration of years worth of parallel data that existed at our outside patent counsel’s firm. In this case, Kevin teamed with Heather Fleener to migrate that data into IPfolio then work thru a very tedious data-compare. Heather’s IPfolio expertise combined with very strong IP operational experience has ensured total success with very little downtime for me.”