Rupert MayerRupert Mayer

Rupert Mayer

Founder & Chief of ProductRupert founded IPfolio in 2012, after being part of Unycom's growth story in various roles for almost a decade. Before Unycom, he had started his first business by developing the first commercial docketing system for Austrian IP law firms. Active in the field of intellectual property management software for his entire career, Rupert knows the IP software market and requirements in and out. He has worked closely with more than 100 companies and dozens of law firms on all aspects of the IP management process, ranging from docketing to IP workflow automation to inventor incentive programs, strategic reporting, competitive intelligence, and portfolio management. Rupert holds a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering from Vienna University of Technology and has lived in Denmark, Austria, Germany, Spain and the United States.
Heather FleenerHeather Fleener

Heather Fleener

VP, Solution DeliverySince joining IPfolio in 2016 from Thomson Reuters, Heather has made huge contributions to product development and customer success. A legal professional with almost two decades of managing diverse IP portfolios and business processes, she has extensive hands-on trademark, patent, copyright experience covering prosecution, development, and management. Having worked for both law firm and in-house teams, she’s acutely familiar with the creative side of IP and the procedural aspect of legal operations. Heather graduated from Marian College with a B.Sc. in Biology and Chemistry.
Kevin NugentKevin Nugent

Kevin Nugent

VP, Customer SuccessKevin joined IPfolio in early 2014 after holding various positions as customer support manager, implementation consultant, project leader, and product manager throughout the IP management software industry for more than a decade. In previous jobs, he established a reputation as a "firefighter" who can save even the most troubled client relationships with his unique combination of problem-solving and communication skills. He has not needed his fire-fighting capabilities at IPfolio and can now thrive on helping customers to be even more successful with his fast-growing team. Kevin holds a B.A. in German Literature from Towson University and an MBA in Global Management from the University of Phoenix. His foreign language skills, which currently cover German, Spanish and Italian, make him a particularly excellent fit for IPfolio's global-minded team.