At IPfolio, our vision is to make life easier for the corporate IP Manager or IP Group with modern software. Rather than focusing narrowly on docketing like other tools in this space, IPfolio helps you manage the business-related aspects of creating, growing and managing your IP portfolio.

IPfolio is an online service provided via the Internet, and your sensitive data is hosted in data centers with world-class security. This “cloud-based” model translates into much lower cost than traditional enterprise software hosted on your company’s servers. Saving costs is never a bad thing, but often the even bigger benefit is the minimal to no needed support from your corporate IT group for implementing and running the system.

One of the unique advantages of IPfolio is allowing you to tailor your IP management solution to your specific needs entirely through point-and-click configuration. We accomplish this by building and hosting IPfolio on, the most scalable, secure and powerful cloud platform for business applications.

The IP Management space has long been deprived of easy-to-use and well-designed software that users really love, and our customer testimonials indicate that IPfolio fills this gap, finally. But we also know that even the best product will fail without great customer service. The majority of our customers hardly ever calls us once they are up and running, but when they do, we aspire to giving them a level of service and attention that exceeds their expectations.

With a great product and great customer service, IPfolio is emerging as the fastest-growing player in our space today. Forward-thinking companies around the globe manage their IP with our flexible cloud-based solution, from the world’s hottest tech startups all the way to the Fortune 50.