Unycom Unveils IPfolio at 2011 All Hands Meeting

Intellectual property management software provider Unycom introduces IPfolio, its new cloud-based, lightweight, IP management software due for release in early 2012.

Berkeley, California (PRWEB) December 5, 2011 – Unycom will be exhibiting at the 23rd annual All Hands Meeting on December 6th and 7th 2011, in Santa Clara, California. The company will be introducing IPfolio, a new cloud-based, lightweight IP portfolio management and decision making software tool, scheduled for release in early 2012. Hosted by Ivy Associates, the event is a special CLE conference in coordination with the Silicon Valley Association of General Counsel.

On December 6th as part of the first day’s Special Subjects and Legal Operations Management session, Unycom Inc. President Rupert Mayer, will be speaking about IP portfolio management on the panel “The Patent Monetization Cookbook.” Reflecting the growing desire of companies to see their patent portfolios contribute to the bottom line, the panel will explore different options for monetizing these assets.

“IP strategy is increasingly important for businesses,” said Mayer. “I’ll be discussing how to easily implement a process that will enable individuals to efficiently organize and map IP assets and create an IP strategy that is feasible for their situation.”

Unycom will be exhibiting on December 7th as part of the conference’s opportunity for attendees to learn about products, services and internal management systems to increase their productivity and effectiveness. It will be introducing IPfolio, a new intellectual property software tool for in-house IP managers, lawyers, consultants, valuation experts and brokers involved with IP portfolios that focuses on the business aspects of IP management. Attendees are encouraged to come by the booth for more information, and to enter in a draw to win a free one-year subscription of IPfolio. For more information or to arrange a meeting, please contact ipfolio@unycom.com.