IPfolio Recognized as Advanced IP Management Solution Provider in New Hyperion Industry Report

Independent Research Confirms IPfolio’s Highly Innovative Approach to Intellectual Property Business Management

BERKELEY, Calif., December 14, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — In its newest analysis of Intellectual Property (IP) Management software providers, Hyperion Global Partners has lauded IPfolio Corp. as an enabler of the next generation of IP Management, naming the Berkeley, CA legal software developer as one of six “Advanced Solution Providers” meeting global demand for “end-to-end” systems.

IPfolio is singled out in Hyperion’s 2016 MarketView™ Report for IP Management Systems for the way it helps companies take advantage of Intellectual Property Business Management (IPBM), a modern approach that’s replacing an historically narrow focus on patent and trademark prosecution. As the operational realities of IP evolve to increasingly synchronize information management with underlying business lifecycles, companies need their IP systems to do more. Hyperion sees IPfolio’s modularized product architecture, along the IP lifecycle phases of Invent, Protect and Utilize, as “exemplifying the spectrum” and potential created by IPBM.

“I’m quite impressed by the depth and scope of the report, and it is good to also see others in our industry try to better support the business value of IP, which has been central to our mission since launching in 2012, “ said IPfolio Founder and CEO Rupert Mayer. “We are delighted to see this independent research value our growth, from the original foundation of strong asset management into a promising IP ecosystem that our customers can tap into for making IPBM part of their business operations.”

‘Highly Innovative’ Designations for IPfolio
As a result of researching the impact IPfolio has had on customers, Hyperion concludes that certain capabilities merit special recognition, and are worthy of “Highly Innovative” status. The designation is limited to technical capabilities considered to be significantly novel in the IP Management solutions market. Highly Innovative recognition for IPfolio includes:

IPfolio’s strategy to develop an IPBM solution on the Salesforce Cloud platform delivers a unique value proposition to clients with a broad set of mature tools and capabilities, ease-of-deployment and decreased Total Cost of Ownership.

Smart partnerships with third-party service providers, such as annuities management, filing services, and a cloud-based country rules engine, add value to the software solution.

A Growing Profile in the IP Market
Hyperion describes IPfolio as a fully-featured product with enterprise-class reliability, scalability, security and speed in the format of a “very capable, easy-to-deploy, SaaS-based option for corporations of differing sizes.”

The report also alludes to significant customer wins in 2016, one of which was Integrated Device Technologies (IDT). Bruce Elder, Legal Director and Head of IP and Licensing at IDT, has already seen the upside:

“IPfolio has made a lot of product decisions that have been IP management home runs, especially building on the Salesforce platform and offering extensive front-end configuration tools that make getting started so much easier,” Elder commented. “When you inevitably need to make changes later on, you’ll really appreciate the flexibility to easily reconfigure your processes. The lack of this flexibility was a key reason for switching to IPfolio from our legacy patent management system. IPfolio customer support is stellar, as is the rate of new features and functionality, most notably the Private PAIR integration. I am not surprised that IPfolio is doing so well against competitors that have been around for much longer.”

About the Report
MarketView Report: Intellectual Property Management Systems for Corporations was released December 6, 2016 by Hyperion Global Partners, a global consultancy that provides market intelligence to the legal profession. The report analyzes and interprets trends affecting the market for IPM solutions and provides comprehensive evaluations of the market participants and Advanced Solution Providers that define the legal IPM solution landscape.

About IPfolio
IPfolio is the pioneer of truly cloud-based Intellectual Property (IP) Lifecycle Management for the enterprise. Built on the Salesforce AppCloud for ultimate scalability, performance, and flexibility, IPfolio reduces administrative overhead, allows strategic visibility into the IP portfolio, and fosters collaboration between all stakeholders in the IP Management process. The company is privately held and has its headquarters in Berkeley, California. For more information, please visit http://www.ipfolio.com