Set up Your Customized IP Management Solution

Adapt your IP database to your unique requirements by adding custom fields including all common types, such as text fields, dropdown lists, date fields, checkboxes, and powerful formulas, in a simple point-and-click interface.

You can freely arrange your fields on your page layouts, make important fields required, or define custom validation rules, for example requiring that a certain field be filled out at a certain stage in the process.

Most importantly, we guarantee that future IPfolio releases and software updates will never break your existing configuration.

Make Your Team More Efficient

Tailor the workflow in IPfolio to your specific processes with automated field updates, tasks and reminders, email notifications, and approval processes that you can set up and fine-tune yourself.

IPfolio comes preconfigured with a number of standard workflows, as well as legal and business rules that trigger important due dates and reminders.

It is easy to extend this pre-defined set with rules, calculations and flows of almost unlimited complexity.

Share Information Selectively

IPfolio gives you full control over access levels with a combination of user profiles, a role hierarchy, permission sets, and sharing rules, which allow you to define access down to the level of single fields and individual records.

For example, you can give your outside counsel read-only access to all records of a certain type (such as patents), but limited to specific fields (e.g. they can’t see the costs billed by other law firms), and permission to update only the records assigned to them.

Similarly, you can give business users in different parts of your organization access to only those IP assets that are related to their respective corporate division.

Keep Your Information Up-to-date

Technologies, product lines, and corporate structures evolve. IPfolio gives you tools to keep up with those changes with a logical data structure that enforces consistency and cascading updates. For example, if a business unit, division, or technology area is renamed, IPfolio will automatically update all records with occurrences of the piece of data that was changed.

You can also bulk-edit most fields in IPfolio’s list views by selecting multiple rows and double-clicking into a field – almost as easy as in a spreadsheet, but much more secure.

Needless to say, the system maintains a complete audit trail of changes all down to the field level.