Strategic Dashboards

The dashboards in IPfolio allow you to arrange several charts or summarized lists on one screen to get a management perspective on different things going on in your portfolio.

Strategic dashboards typically provide a high-level view, such as overall portfolio composition by region or technology, overall IP spend per business unit, total licensing revenues, or a ranking of your company’s most prolific inventors.

Tactical Dashboards

Tactical dashboards help you look closer at your IP pipeline and operations to track throughput, workload and bottlenecks in your process.

Typical examples of tactical dashboards include color-coded views of all inventions throughout the different stages of the review process, lists of upcoming tasks for individuals and groups, and costs broken out at a more granular level, such as country and fee type.

Customers who work with several external law firms frequently use an Outside Counsel Benchmarking dashboard to keep tabs on their service providers’ performance related to cost, timeliness, and quality.

Special Visualizations

In addition to the standard chart types, such as bar, line, and pie charts, IPfolio comes with a set of special visualizations that have proven particularly useful when communicating your IP strategy and goals with upper management.

These strategic graphs include an interactive world map that can be filtered by product line and status, and a unique portfolio chart that allows you to measure portfolio size and strength against business metrics, such as market share and market attractiveness of a given product or line of products.

Standard Reports

IPfolio comes out of the box with a robust set of standard reports. These reports are a great starting point to get insight into your global portfolio and IP cost structure that you previously did not have.

The standard reports are grouped into different categories, such as Portfolio Development, Financials, and Strategy. Most reports include a chart, so you get an aggregate view as well as a list with full details.

A few typical standard reports include

    • First Patent/Trademark Filings over Time
    • Patents/Trademarks by Country/Region
    • YTD IP Spend by Cost Type, per Month or Quarter
    • New Invention Disclosures and Review Outcome per Month or Quarter

Custom Reports and Charts

A drag-and-drop Report Builder that is unique in the IP Software industry allows you to create your customized reports from scratch.

Start by selecting an object, e.g. “Inventions”, and dragging fields from a list into your report. Continue with adding filters, e.g. by geography, status, or fiscal year of filing. You can add grouping layers to display aggregate information and summarize values such as costs, counts, and scores. It is just as easy to add charts to bring your report to life and illustrate your data in a more visual way.

As you get more advanced, you will dive into matrix reports, joined reports, and using advanced formula fields. Of course, we will be happy to assist you in using IPfolio to figure out even your greatest reporting challenges.