Take Control of all Your IP Assets

IPfolio lets you keep and organize all IP assets and related activities in one secure, globally accessible location.

All your data that has been scattered across disjointed systems, such as spreadsheets, file shares, and different databases, is finally brought together and connected in one place – from inventions and patents to brands and trademarks to the related contracts, products, parties, and documents.

With a clean and friendly user interface, IPfolio helps you to easily understand what has happened, what is coming up, and how assets relate to each other. An example is the patent/trademark family tree, which shows a hierarchical view of the IP rights in different countries that are related to one invention or brand, color coded according to their status.

Organize All Documents in One Place

Attach documents of all kinds to any record, and organize them in subfolders via drag-and-drop if required. The Note function allows you to quickly jot down notes from a meeting or call directly in your case.

Any document that contains searchable text will be included in your global searches. You can also filter documents by other attributes, such as date, author, language, or individual tags that you can assign.

IPfolio allows you to send emails directly from a record, as well as emailing into a specific record by including either your internal case number for the record or your law firm’s docket number in the subject line of your email.

Quickly Find what You Are Looking for

IPfolio’s Global Search works just the way you would expect it from current-generation software: you are searching your entire database, and results will be displayed in groups, such as Inventions, Brands, Products, and Contracts.

To create filtered lists based on a specific field, such as the country of an IP right, you can define Views that you can either save just for yourself or share with others on your team.

Maintain an Automated Shadow Docket

IPfolio deeply integrates Private PAIR data like no other product on the market, with daily updates. Beside bibliographic data, all documents from the Image File Wrapper are imported into IPfolio, and made fully searchable through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in the process. Based on this data, IPfolio will auto-docket and de-docket actions. IPfolio also integrates in the same way with the EPO.

An easy to use logging and discrepancy reconciliation mechanism allows you to review any changes to your data before accepting the updates to your record.

You can configure tasks and reminders to be triggered automatically from any document or Action.

Keep Track of Costs and Budgets

IPfolio lets you record cost information on any record. It will aggregate totals at certain levels, such as the total cost for a patent as well as the totals for the entire family.

For budgeting purposes, you can assign targets at different levels such as cost type, business unit, technology area, patent family, or at the single patent level. IPfolio supports your budgeting needs with reports that allow you to identify and flag cost overruns, as well as plan for future periods.

If you let your external service providers collaborate in IPfolio, you can request estimates from them through the system and efficiently route these through the internal approval process.

Map Your IP to Your Business

Understand the relationships between your IP assets and your business and keep these up to date as new projects are started, agreements are negotiated, products are rolled out, and organizational entities are re-named or re-organized.

IPfolio gives you multiple ways of bringing IP asset and business information together:

  • You can create custom dropdown or multi-select dropdown fields to segment your portfolio, e.g. by business unit or technology group.
  • The Products tab allows you to maintain additional information about your company’s products or product lines, and map IP assets to those. The same goes for Contracts for tracking IP-related agreements of all sorts.
  • A flexible classification tree allows you to map your IP to structures with a more complex hierarchy, such as a technology tree and/or a multi-level corporate structure with business units, sub-business, units, sub-sub-units etc.

Collaborate across Your Organization

IPfolio comes with integrated Enterprise Social Network functionality, which allows all users to share information and collaborate similar to the way you do on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Using the Feed that is attached to all objects in IPfolio, you can comment, discuss and follow what is going on with specific cases, or in your IP organization as a whole.

This social capability allows for a collaborative approach to internal review and decision-making processes, such as invention review boards: you can easily invite any IPfolio user to a discussion on a specific record or topic by mentioning their name in a post. They will receive email alerts when you first include them in a discussion, and on subsequent updates.