Make It Easy to Submit Invention Disclosures and Other IP-Related Requests

Simplify your disclosure and request process and make it easy for engineers, scientists, researchers as well as marketing professionals to share details about what they are working on.

By giving your larger employee community a modern tool to interact with your IP/Legal Group, you can position yourself as a partner that helps them protect their creative output.

Since the IPfolio Inventors Portal is cloud-based, it will be accessible to all employees of your company, so you can encourage everyone to become an innovator and creator.

Configure Your Individual IP Portal

We will help you create your custom invention disclosure form that guides your inventors through the process of documenting, describing and submitting their inventions.

The Portal is not limited to technical inventions and also allows separate forms for submitting other IP-related requests, such as trademark inquiries for new product names.

You can also use the Portal to make additional relevant information available to a larger audience within your company, e.g. about the importance of IP, sample disclosures, links to external sources like patent databases, FAQ’s, and other content.

Streamline Your Invention Review Process

New disclosures and other requests submitted via the IPfolio Inventors Portal go straight into your database, including file attachments.

IPfolio comes out of the box with a standard submission and review workflow, which can be easily customized to match your unique process.

You can define rules for routing inventions to the appropriate reviewer, and to generate alerts and email notifications for the stakeholders involved in the further review to make sure that all disclosures will move swiftly through the process, and nothing will get lost.

Establish a Feedback Loop

Allow inventors to track the progress of their inventions through the review and patenting stages with shared visibility into pending applications and granted patents that have resulted from their previous inventions.

You can make such information about each inventors’ personal portfolio available via the Portal, as well as configuring email notifications to deliver important updates, such as the issuance of a patent.