Complete IP Portfolio Management

IPfolio provides collaborative IP management software that is designed for corporate IP groups of all sizes, with everything you need to engage your inventors and start managing your IP portfolio strategically.

With IPfolio, you will reduce administrative overhead, get better visibility into your IP portfolio, and you'll be able to manage your IP day-to-day as well as at a strategic level by tying IP assets to products, markets, and revenue streams.


IP Portfolio Manager
Manage all your IP more efficiently and strategically.

Full IP Management solution designed for IP and business development teams

Inventors Portal

Inventor's Portal
Engage your investors early and get insight into your R&D teams' work

Designed for engineering, research and marketing teams.

Reports & Dashboards

Reports & Dashboards
Get insight into every aspect of your IP Portfolio.

Great for IP teams, business development & company executives.

Total Control Configuration

Update IPfolio as your business evolves — without IT. Point-and-click customization empowers you to customize screens, workflow and access on your own.