The Opportunities Are Out There

Last week I got back from my first trip to India. Snow storms in Frankfurt and a broken plane in Munich resulted in a double-layover, 40h trip to get there. Leaving the comfort zone was rewarded with pleasant weather and a truly international and eye-opening experience.

ITAG had mounted an impressive conference with almost 400 sessions in 3 parallel tracks, stretched out over 8 days. The entire event had a very friendly and personal mood, with lots of networking and community-building. The international “IP jet-set” crowd constituted a significant portion of the delegates, with many of them spending a few days at the convention, taking off for business meetings in other parts of the country, and then showing up again for another day or two.

So did I: after my presentation about Managing IP from a Business Perspective, offsite workshops in Bangalore and Pune made for welcome changes of scenery on the following days. Organized by our partner Patracode, the workshops drew up to 35 people from numerous innovative Indian companies, and IPfolio was received with great interest.

This vast country provides abundant opportunities in many areas, and intellectual property management certainly is one of them. Companies big and small are developing IP strategies and creating corporate IP functions, with double-digit annual growth rates across the different types of IP rights as a result.


Preparations for a splendid Indian wedding at our conference hotel


While I have been traveling Europe and North America for many years, Asia had been largely undiscovered territory for me. Visiting India opened my eyes for this part of the world, and we are now busy making plans for entering new markets in several other regions of the continent.

Another continent is already covered. Half way around the world from India lies Brazil, another BRIC economy with impressive growth in R&D investment and resulting IP output. Brazil is home to ProspeQta, with whom we announced our second international partnership today. ProspeQta will bring IPfolio to the South American market, with a focus on Brazil.

Later this month, I will travel to Florida to meet up with our new partners from ProspeQta. While I am hoping that my itinerary won’t be disrupted by snowstorms this time, I will take it as it comes. Sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone to discover new opportunities.