Social and Mobile Collaboration – an Enabler for Innovation & IP Management

Employees are demanding more social and mobile collaboration within their companies, according to a recent study by ABI Research. New social tools and platforms are emerging as alternatives to email and previous-generation collaboration platforms. There is great value in connecting people in a smarter way, especially if you have multiple locations and employees working remotely. Social networks are also very useful for new employees and for employees working with different teams or within different departments. Bringing everyone together to stay connected and tap into the teams’ expertise is a win-win for companies to stay competitive.

To promote collaborative IP Management, we have embedded Chatter into IPfolio. Chatter is an enterprise social network that works similar to the way Facebook and LinkedIn do. It enables people in the organization such as inventors, R&D managers, IP managers and lawyers to connect instantly without having to send emails. Chatter allows you to receive news, updates and follow people and projects. You can also create special groups to limit exposure of a discussion. Sharing files with Chatter is easy — upload with a click, and everyone sees the updates.

Using Chatter for Collaborative IP Management

Imagine that you are an IP manager evaluating a newly received invention disclosure. You want to involve a product manager, your outside patent attorney, and a few senior engineers located at a separate research facility into the discussion. Coordinating a live meeting with all these people is difficult and time-consuming. Chatter allows you to invite them to a discussion on your invention disclosure and seek their comments. They will be notified by email, and you can choose to receive email notifications when anyone adds a comment to the discussion, or as a daily digest.

Sharing is Caring – Applied to Innovation

At IPfolio, we are passionate about our mission to offer modern, agile and affordable IP management tools and support our innovative customers. To innovate can be defined as “to find something original in the ordinary”. Warren Berger suggests in his book “The Four Phases of Design Thinking” four steps companies can take to stimulate innovation.

  1. Connect. Find ways to bring together concepts, people, and products. Many great breakthroughs are „mash-ups“ of existing ideas.
  2. Question. Don’t just ask the obvious questions. Look deeper and don’t be afraid to rethink basic fundamentals about your business and products.
  3. Care. Caring doesn’t just mean giving great customer service. Get to know your customers as intimately as possible. Immerse yourself in the lives of the people you are trying to serve.
  4. Commit. Give form to your idea as quickly as possible: create a prototype and begin testing it right away. This is the only way to know if you’ve touched on something truly promising.

These tips can easily be incorporated when working in IPfolio. The concept of “Sharing is Caring” is an important aspect of collaboration that we start teaching our children at Kindergarten age. Chatter makes knowledge sharing and collaboration easy and fun, and that is what users expect to find in a modern Intellectual Property Management platform.