From Startup to Established Player in 30 Months

It’s been quite a journey.

Just two years ago, IPfolio was in its early startup days. We were getting our very first customers up and running at a pace of one per month. Doubters argued that the world did not need another IP docketing tool.

But building another docketing tool was never our intention. Against the conventional wisdom of our industry, we made two key assumptions in creating IPfolio:

1. The vast majority of all corporate IP groups around the world relies on outside law firms for their prosecution, and therefore does not need a traditional docketing system. What they need is a flexible tool for organizing and managing their IP-related information and activities, not thousands of country laws.

2. By building on a cloud platform (PaaS, Platform-as-a-Service), we can deliver a better product at a more attractive price than even the biggest players in our industry with their decades of experience, substantial resources, and practice of cross-subsidizing their software units to lock customers in with their lucrative service businesses.

These were big bets, but today everything indicates that we hit the mark with both of them. In the global innovation hotspot that is the San Francisco Bay Area, the hottest new technology companies are turning to IPfolio in droves as they look for the right tools to support their ambitious IP programs.

Outside our home territory, our customer base is growing rapidly in all parts of the world, particularly across North America and Europe. IPfolio has become the tool of choice not only for innovative startups, but for forward-looking IP organizations in companies of all sizes. Today, our largest customer is a member of the U.S. Fortune 20.

We have managed to attract top talent with decades of industry experience to our growing team, as well as significant investment to grow our business, and we receive praise from customers around the globe.

Our new website reflects how IPfolio has evolved from an entry-level offering to an established player that addresses a broad market. We have grown out of our startup days, but the journey has just begun.

Stay tuned!