Products and Services: Outsourced IP Operations and Services

Headquarters: Tampa, FL


Helios takes an innovative approach to IP Operations, helping today’s IP practices — whether corporations or law firms — to improve how they manage their day-to-day administrative and support activities. The Helios managed services approach maximizes operational efficiency by providing expert staff, rigorous processes, and leading-edge technology.

Helios is also an experienced IPfolio implementation partner who can assist our customers in extending their internal resources for implementation-related tasks such as project management, requirements gathering, system configuration, and data cleanup.

Products and Services: Annuities, Renewals, and other IP Services

Headquarters: Munich, Germany and Detroit, MN


ipan is one of the fastest growing and largest IP service companies in the world, with more than 900,000 IP rights under management. With a global network of more than 100 leading IP firms representing more than 240 jurisdictions, ipan is able to deliver unmatched levels of service, while also optimizing and reducing costs for global IP annuity and renewal payments.

ipan is IPfolio’s partner of choice for annuity/renewal services. Together, we offer a fully integrated process that ensures a seamless flow of case data, reminders and forecasts, instructions, and payment confirmations between IPfolio and ipan’s systems.

Products and Services: The first True Cloud IP Rules Library and Updating Engine

Headquarters: Alpine, UT


LumenIP specializes in maintaining global IP country law and provides the source that powers IPfolio’s IP rules engine. The rules are maintained in a central cloud repository and are automatically kept up-to-date in each customer’s IPfolio instance through continual synchronization. The result is elegant: changes in country law are made in only one place – the cloud – keeping every system perfectly up to date and eliminating the need for manual software or data updates.

The IPfolio country law subscription, powered by LumenIP’s rule set, allows our customers to manage prosecution activities, tasks, and deadlines for the US and globally.

Products and Services: eBilling and Legal Matter Management

Headquarters: Mountain View, CA


SimpleLegal provides modern legal operations software to streamline the way corporate legal departments manage their matters, track and interpret spend, and collaborate with vendors. SimpleLegal combines eBilling, matter management, accruals management and legal spend analysis into one comprehensive application.

IPfolio integrates with SimpleLegal to ensure that matters in SimpleLegal are automatically created and updated whenever a patent or trademark application is created in IPfolio. An upcoming version 2 of our integration will allow for invoice and cost data to flow back from SimpleLegal to IPfolio.

Products and Services: Enterprise Cloud Computing Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA


Our partnership with Salesforce, the world’s fourth-largest and fastest-growing enterprise software company, makes us stand on the shoulders of a giant. IPfolio’s entire IT operations and all underlying platform development are taken care of by Salesforce, with more than 20,000 employees, while we at IPfolio can focus on building IP-specific functionality.

An entire ecosystem of third-party apps, integrations and add-ons is at our fingertips for further expanding IPfolio’s functionality without programming every single feature ourselves.