Letter from the Founder

Welcome to IPfolio. We make IP Management easier.

Rupert MayerI have spent my entire career so far in the field of intellectual property – but not as a lawyer. Most of it has been with a Unycom, a leading European vendor of complex IP Management for very large corporate IP groups. The Unycom software helps them streamline their processes, automate routine tasks, and provide them with visibility into their portfolios comprising tens of thousands of intellectual assets.

Several years ago, as a side project, we started thinking about how we could make similar benefits accessible to a much broader market of small to mid-sized IP teams in organizations of all sizes. Most of them have so far relied on spreadsheets, homegrown databases, or clunky docketing systems to manage some of their most valuable assets. After moving to Silicon Valley and witnessing the transformation of the enterprise software world that is originating here, I found the tools to make this vision come true.

And so IPfolio was born. Building on the Force.com platform, it took us less than a year from the first prototype to a robust first version, which immediately caught on with the global IP community after its launch in April 2012. In our fist year on the market, we attracted more than 30 customers in more than a dozen countries, and our growth is accelerating month by month.

No more fighting for resources with your corporate IT department. No servers, no upfront costs, no installation of software updates. Implementation cycles reduced from months or years to days or even hours. Speed and flexibility. This is the power of Enterprise Cloud Computing. This is what IPfolio is about.

Enterprise software has helped large corporations to stay ahead of the IP game and make the right decisions. With IPfolio, we’ve condensed an enterprise solution into an app that is available to companies of all sizes, universities, and anyone else involved in the IP business. Managing an IP portfolio has never been so easy. Together with my team, I am looking forward to showing you just how easy it is.


Rupert Mayer, Founder & CEO