IPforward 2018 provides a unique forum to network with and learn from intellectual property (IP) leaders, fast-growing Silicon Valley and leading global companies about how they build and manage high value IP portfolios and execute advanced IP strategy.

IPforward 2018 is for in-house only and free for in-house IP counsel and IP professionals, but space is limited.

Join speakers from Oracle, Honeywell International, Intel, Facebook, Intuit, IDT, Pure Storage, New Avon, Target Brands, Seagate Technologies, Logitech, Sophos, Zynga and others as they discuss practical topics around the theme: 

Excellence in IP Strategy, Tactics & Operations

Reviews from past IPforward conferences:

“…time was well spent with interesting topics to grab my attention all day.”
“The topics and speakers were great!”
“Better than any of the recent ‘big’ IP conferences I have attended.”
“Keep up with the practical and valuable content.”
“I thought it was fantastic”
“War stories are incredibly helpful. And the networking was excellent.”
“Very sophisticated and thought provoking.”
“The conference was hitting on many topics that are real issues for me now.”
“Better than any of the recent ‘big’ IP conferences I have attended.”
“A home run, with everyone engaged and great information passed along.”
“It was invaluable!


Our fourth annual IPforward conference will be held April 10-11, 2018 at the San Mateo Marriott, San Mateo, CA in Silicon Valley. Our second annual User Group meeting will be on April 10th, details below.

If you are in-house IP counsel or IP management or operations professional, do not miss this unique opportunity to network with your peers, share best practices, benchmark your own operations against them and nurture your professional development.

IPforward is free for in-house professionals only but space is very limited. IPforward is designed to have a personal, collegial atmosphere so only 150 spaces are available for attendees.

Confirmed Speakers 

Arien Ferrell
AGC & Senior IP Counsel
Kevin McLintock
Senior Director IP
Michael Moore
Ass. GC Products & Patents
Pure Storage
Bruce Elder
Stephen Lee
Ass. Gen. Counsel, IP 
Target Brands
Bruce Elder
Legal Director & Head of IP
Eric Sutton
Senior Patent Counsel
  Teddy Joe Pic
Diane Gabl Kratz
Senior IP Counsel
Seagate Technology
Gilbert Wong
Assoc. General Counsel, Patents
Teddy Joe
Senior Counsel, IP and Product


 Joan McGillycuddy Rupert Mayer  Carrie Beatus
Joan McGillycuddy
IP Counsel
New Avon 
Rupert Mayer
CEO and Founder
Carrie Beatus
AGC Patent Operations
Honeywell International
 John Schiffhauer Cheryl Wilder
John Schiffhauer
Senior IP Counsel
Cheryl Wilder
Senior IP Paralegal

IPforward conference 2018 – Agenda, April 11

8.00 Networking breakfast
8:30 Welcome Rupert Mayer, IPfolio
8:50 Lessons Learned from running large complex IP operations Carrie Beatus, Honeywell International
9:30 Practical guidelines for portfolio management processes Michael Moore, Pure Storage
10:10 Energizing networking break
10:30 Perspectives on IP strategy and management in mergers and acquisitions Joan McGillycuddy, New Avon
11:10 Top 6 IP questions posed by business people to legal departments–and the questions they really should be asking John Schiffhauer, Intel
11.45 Creating a data driven IP value strategy Bruce Elder, IDT
12:30 Networking lunch
1.30 IP strategy in a changing Europe Heather McCann, EIP (moderator) and panel
2.10 Frontiers in invention capture and management Arien Ferrell, Intuit; Kevin McLintock, Logitech; Cheryl Wilder, Sophos
3:00 Energizing networking break
3.20 Launching new brands and creative marketing to go along with it from an IP management perspective Stephen Lee, Target Brands
4:00 Artificially intelligent IP portfolio management and development Eric Sutton, Oracle
5:00 Where next in IP management and operations and IPfolio’s role  Rupert Mayer, CEO, IPfolio
5:40 Champagne & Cocktail Reception San Mateo Marriott


Who Can Attend

The conference is free for in-house IP counsel and IP professionals but space is very limited. Only 150 spaces are available. A small number of slots for outside counsel or IP professionals are available on a fee paying basis.



2nd Annual IPfolio User Group Meeting – April 10

On April 10, prior to the the IPforward conference, customers, partners and special guests of IPfolio are invited to our second annual User Group meeting. Attendance is limited to 60 customers only.

The User Group meeting will:

  • explore exciting new capabilities in IPfolio’s advanced IP management software
  • provide an opportunity to build skills, share tips and best practices around IPfolio’s software
  • allow networking with other IPfolio customers and fellow IP in-house professionals
  • provide customer feedback to the IPfolio team about features and services

An “expert’s corner” will provide work stations with the tool personed by our customer success heroes to answer any questions and show you any feature, tip or trick in the IPfolio tool.

This invitation only event is also free for IPfolio customers and select invited IPfolio partners. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and an invitation only welcome dinner in the evening are included.

IPfolio User Group Meeting – Agenda,  April 10

8:30 Networking breakfast
9:00 Welcome and opening remarks

Rupert Mayer, CEO and Founder, IPfolio; Mark Bullard, COO, IPfolio

9:30 Overview of customer success initiatives

Kevin Nugent, VP of Customer Success, IPfolio; Tyler Dunk, Snr. Mgr. Client Support, IPfolio

10:15 Networking break & IPfolio expert’s corner
10:30 Customer success in the real world – a customer speaks

Heather Fleener, VP Solutions Delivery, IPfolio & IPfolio customer

11:00 Customer best practices, tips & tricks from the trenches

Kevin Nugent, VP of Customer Success, IPfolio &  Customer Success Team

12:15 Networking lunch & IPfolio expert’s corner
1:15 Customer success in real world – a customer speaks

Dan Foster, VP Product, IPfolio & IPfolio customer

2:00 Joint software development session: IPfolio & customers design the future

Rupert Mayer, CEO; Mark Bullard, COO; Kevin Nugent, VP Customer Success

3:00 IPfolio software and service partners: partner power in action

Damian Durrant, VP Growth & IPfolio partners: ipan, EIP

3:30 Networking break and IPfolio expert’s corner
3:50 Ask the IPfolio experts

Rupert Mayer, CEO; Mark Bullard COO; Kevin Nugent, VP Customer Success; Heather Fleener, VP Solution Delivery, Dan Foster, VP Product, IPfolio.

5:15 IPfolio roadmap & the future of IP management

Rupert Mayer, CEO, IPfolio

6:00 End
6:45 Customer, speaker & partner’s dinner (Marriott)

Silicon Valley Conference Location

The San Mateo Marriott is a modern, premium location for IPforward 2018 with superior meeting spaces, catering and facilities.

Every year IPforward explores the cutting edge of IP strategy, tactics and operations – always with a practical feel. Join us in April!

Our Guest Partner Sponsors

A select group of valued service provider partners of IPfolio are also guest sponsors of IPforward 2018. These include IPfolio strategic partner ipan.