Reduce administrative burden with an easy-to-use, cloud-based IP organizer.

  • Keep all IP assets and their details in one globally-accessible location
  • Organize inventions and patents, brands and trademarks, contracts and agreements, costs and tasks - from your organization and third parties.
  • All information is easily keyword tag-able and full-text searchable.

Get the big picture and see the smallest detail.

  • Improve IP visibility throughout your organization with customizable dashboards.
  • Understand relationships between your IP assets, products and projects.
  • Customize and automate reporting.

Know your portfolio so you can make the right decisions.

  • Map patents to products to track alignment of your IP and corporate strategies.
  • Identify gaps and opportunities.
  • Add third-party information so you can create and execute appropriate responses.

What Is IPfolio?

Collaborative IP

IPfolio is an easy-to-use, cloud-based IP organizing and decision-making tool that makes the management of your intellectual property more visual, accessible and efficient. It primarily targets the needs of organizations that outsource their prosecution work to law firms and need a convenient way to internally manage – and improve visibility into – their IP portfolio.

Shrinks Administrative Overhead

Complementing the docketing systems used by law firms, IPfolio gives you full insight into the scope and status of your portfolio while minimizing the administrative burden of data entry on your end. This way, it enables you to focus on the strategic business aspects of managing your IP.

IP Pain Relief

IPfolio helps you to solve many of the pain points of IP management:

Flexibility to Grow

If you want to go beyond IPfolio's robust set of standard functionality, we offer total flexibility for customization: from custom dashboards and reports to custom fields and workflows. Are you only beginning to expand your IP filing activities? IPfolio will give you a quick and solid foundation and will grow with your needs as they become more complex.

Why Do I Need IPfolio?

To Save Time and Resources and Make Smarter Business Decisions.

Step one in successful IP strategy is organization. Keep track of your IP documents and communications and you’ll be able to identify what you have, more easily calculate asset value, and better align your investment in IP with your overall business strategy.

IPfolio is for everyone involved in the management of intellectual property:

It supports the business (rather than legal) aspects of IP management, so you can focus on your brands and inventions and make decisions effectively and efficiently with a collaborative approach.

It’s Time for Something Better.

Are you currently using a spreadsheet, memory and brainpower, or a makeshift solution that is anything but efficient and intuitive? It’s really time for an upgrade. It’s time for IPfolio.

Contact us today to see the features for yourself and get a personalized demo of the software.