Introducing IPfolio.
A fresh new approach to intellectual property management.
IP Management Software
"IPfolio is an intuitive tool to use, with excellent technical and customer support."
Wayne Jaggernauth
Intellectual Property Officer
"IPfolio enabled us to centralize the entire IP Management Process in one place, having all the information available whenever and wherever needed."
Rüdiger Schmidt
Director of Business Development
"With IPfolio we found a tool that allows us to manage the full range from invention disclosures, patents to licenses, contracts and post-deal management."
Bas Nagelkerken
Technology Transfer Officer
"We have been using IPfolio for about a year and we keep discovering new useful functionalities that turn into money and time savers for us."
Daniel Leblanc
General Counsel
"If you want an IP management tool that is meant to help you and make your life 'easier' - then IPfolio is definitely the tool to choose."
Inghild Ross-Molnes
IP Services Manager
"Extremely happy and confident now that we have this tool in place."
Lauri Avila
Corporate Paralegal
"The modern interface and being cloud based has minimized our administrative costs / training requirements. "
Michael Moriarty
Vice President - Patent Technology